Jurgen Klopp: Arsenal are better under Unai Emery compared to Arsene Wenger

Arsenal vs Liverpool

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The Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp believes Arsenal are greater threat under the current manager, Unai Emery than when they were with Arsene Wenger.

Arsenal are unbeaten in twelve matches in all competitions, a win against Liverpool could move them closer to the top by one point behind the leaders.

Klopp stated that he was in similar situation as the Spaniard when he took over from Brenden Rodgers over three years ago. He is not surprised by the immediate impact the former PSG and Sevilla’s boss has made considering that he won titles in the last three years with PSG.

He went further to compare the current boss to Arsene Wenger stating:

‘Arsene Wenger is one of the best managers in the world there is no doubt about it but sometimes after a very long time the mood in the club changes a little bit and it’s quite difficult to work against that.

‘That was the situation last year, people respected him a lot, well deserved, but on the other side they thought they needed to change something.

‘To change something is only good if it’s for the better. Unai Emery, all people in football knew how good he is. Not all Arsenal fans were over the moon in the first moment but that’s England a little bit, you want the posters boys.

‘You can go a bit under the radar, but he won eight titles in the last three years so that’s pretty big. It is clear that things were going to change the players would know that, that’s how it is.

‘If a new manager comes in, the same when I came to Liverpool, all the players are immediately out of the comfort zone. That’s how it is. They all have to prove it’s not just the name the footballer as well and they used it pretty well.’







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