Jose Mourinho agrees it will be difficult for Manchester United to keep David de Gea

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De Gea and Mourinho (Sky Sports News)

Jose Mourinho reveal he is “not confident” goalkeeper David de Gea will sign a new contract to extend his stay at Manchester United. “I am not confident. I cannot find the word in English, but let’s see what happens.” He wants the club to keep the Spanish goalkeeper.

His current contract ends in summer, though United have the option to extend it by one year. Mourinho told Sky Sports News “Only the club, David and his people can answer that. My comment is only that everyone knows how good he is, how important he is for Manchester United and, if the club want to be better than it is and not worse, obviously it would be very important to keep David.”

De Gea, was named in May the club’s player of the year for the fourth time. He has already made some outstanding saves this season to keep United afloat.


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