Paul Pogba: Good Player Poor Leader


Paul Pogba has the potential of becoming one of the world best players, but his poor leadership attitude could be his downfall. How can a supposed “United Captain” be the first to leave the stand, 85th minute into a very important match. I will forgive the fans if they behave this way, but many fans stuck around cheering their team, until Fellaini’s  equalizer against Derby County.


I am fully in support of Jose Mourinho removing Paul Pogba as vice-captain, he does not deserve such position of influence, a leader is one who cheers his followers on, who stand by them even when they are losing. At Euro 2016 final Portugal vs France, Cristiano Ronaldo was injured and was taken out of the game, he stood on the sideline with his coach cheering his team to victory, he has done it several times at Real Madrid. Other examples are; Sergio Ramos, John Terry, Lionel Messi etc. These players have leadership quality, they don’t give up on their team mates.

The problem with Manchester United is not Jose Mourinho, it is the players attitude, there is no leadership in the dressing room, nobody is willing to take responsibility and step up the game when the chips are down. Attitude was the difference between Chelsea Vs United FA Cup final 2018. Chelsea possess players that are always willing to fight for each other, even when they don’t like their coach, they fight for the club and they ended up winning the FA Cup even when United were clearly the favorites.

Finally, before the Manchester United board considers sacking Mourinho they should look inward to know where the problem lies. United currently have crop of talented players that can win any team. With the right kind attitude, this team can win any tournament. At the current level of things a new coach can only win with this team for a season and after that they will fall back to complacency.

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